Our Mission

Our mission at Legacy Kids Academy is to promote a positive educational environment that fosters academic excellence and active learning.

What we provide

We provide a safe, clean, warm and loving environment that focuses on a dynamic child care and preschool curriculum with an emphasis on social and emotional skills.

What We Offer

Our state of the art facility offers enthusiastic and expert teachers, indoor gymnasium, Theatre / Auditorium, iPad Lab and much more…

This place is outstanding. Very organized and clean. Helped my child to learn even before school age. They have a few events throughout the year such as open house and Christmas that are wonderful. There’s also “amenities” some schools don’t offer such as an indoor gym, theater, swimming pool and iPad room. They have dance, soccer, etc you can enroll your child in. Good luck finding a better school!

Bill C.

My girls have been attending since 2009. We have had a great experience with Legacy Kids Academy. They cared for my oldest girls from before Pre-K until they aged out of daycare. They now care for my youngest whom loves her teachers, literally! She tells them almost every day as we leave “I Love you!” This place is like family to me. It’s wonderful to know my children attend a place they feel safe and loved.

Michelle M.

My daughter is insanely happy here! She wasn’t even there a full 2 weeks before she was leaping out of the car seat into the daycare worker’s arms. They are sooo amazing at their job and truly enjoy every child. They love and adore every little human there and my heart and mind are at peace when i drop her off because the whole daycare is perfect!! I have brought muffins and gifts for each daycare worker every week to thank them. More parents should take the time out of their day to give thanks and show their appreciation for the people who are watching their children day every day while they are at work. As a parent you should know how hard watching a child is and they have several. A little thanks goes a long way! I love this place and i’m forever grateful to them!

Nicole A.